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"The Progression Mono is the best ‘Watt per pound’ design from Dan D’Agostino. It embodies the past, present and future of his philosophy of keeping the listener engrossed in the music and glued to the chair ... By Jove, Dan has done it again, only better!" — José Victor Henriques (The Absolute Sound)

"I took the best parts of the Momentum's more sophisticated and complex circuitry and put them in the Progression, without using the same high parts count. Each stage of the Momentum's gain amplifier is separate with input stage and driver stages on separate rails …” — Stereophile

“… These products are truly state of the art and meant for the very best possible systems. MIT ACC 169 and SHD interconnects represent and beautifully demonstrate the result of decades of commitment to advancing interfacing technology, from the team at MIT.” — Gregory Petan (Positive Feedback)