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"It had delicacy, transparency, three-dimensionality, and especially liquidity and freedom from grain without softening transients-all floating above the blackest backdrops. ... the most enticing solid-state phono preamp I've reviewed" — Michael Fremer

"This DAC’s sound is open, airy, transparent, highly detailed, lively, and fast, yet at the same time smooth, liquid, relaxed, and non-fatiguing. Throw in a newfound dynamic fidelity, ultra-high resolution, and a stunning rendering of spatial cues, and you’ve got the recipe for maximum musical engagement." — Robert Harley

"I’ve listened to a lot of different amplifier designs this issue: some solid-state, some hollow-state, and some undergoing some kind of identity crisis. None have been quite so approachable, so listenable, and just so damn enjoyable as the conrad-johnson CA150" — Alan Sircom