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“… Finally, I would like to advise all audiophile frineds, unless you have a very strong willpower, don’t ever try to plug in any of these cables; once plugged in, they would be extremely difficult to unplug!”― Patrick Lee (Audio Technique)

“"...It makes it listenable because it doesn't unnaturally over-emphasize anything. This naturalness is the case with a rare breed of digital in my experience and the Ayre QX-5 Twenty joins that list with ease. Of course, it does fine with fine-sounding recordings, too." — Michael Lavorgna (Audio Stream)

“Elegant,  dynamic and incredibly natural sounding, Vienna Acoustics’ The Music sets the standard for musical communication, in my experience. Always engaging, the even balance and superb bass are perfect for rock and pop; the rich treble and articulate midband a classic buff’s dream.” — Richard Stevenson (Hi-Fi News)