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Connect your speakers with Kimber’s popular 8TC cable

With the same impressive sound signature as 4TC, 8TC brings the benefit of solid bass extension by having twice the number of conductors. It offers a pure, dynamic and musical sound.

Don’t try this cable if you have to rise early because with 8TC in your system, you’ll be burning the midnight oil!


  • 16 VariStrand™ conductors
  • Hyper-pure copper
  • Clear/White fluorocarbon dielectric


8tchfwPaul Rigby, reviewing, first sets out the main technical features of the cable including its use of Kimber’s’ unique Varistrand conductors. As he explains, “each separately insulated conductor contains seven wire strands of different diameters”. This brings bout a more accurate frequency response as different diameters favour different frequencies, so the overall sound is more balanced.

Onto the effects of the cable and he observes that, in his system “the 8TC presented a well-structured sound stage with everything in its place. There was never a sense of muddle or insecurity in terms of the stereo image or the placement of instruments”, he continues and adds that “there was enough space around each instrumentalist to create an ordered and calming influence to proceedings”.

When compared to his reference cable, he found that 8TC brought more definition to the playback, especially in the upper mids. “The bass” he observed, “was strong with a vivid presence providing a strong foundation to the vocals and the rhythmic support”.

Overall, Paul was impressed, awarding a solid four Globes and concluding that the cable is “strong in the lower frequency areas, the upper frequencies are sharpened, with added emphasis to detail, spotlighting hidden areas in the mix”.

Magazine: Hi-Fi World

Issue: April 2013

Rating: Four Globes

Customer comment

I recently added 8TC speaker cable to my system. This has proved to be the single most effective upgrade I have ever made. The improvement was staggering: bass quality, imaging and focus, sweetness, instrumental separation – you name it”.

Mr Turnbull, Cumbria

“The soundstage has doubled in size, mainly in height i.e. it sounds as if the singer and other band members are standing up rather than sitting down! Thanks.”

Mr S Taylor, by email