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At conrad-johnson they have a simple formula for achieving highly accurate, highly musical amplifiers: straight-forward, simple circuits designed for linear operation without excessive loop inverting feedback exceptional component parts selected for their ability to provide uncolored accuracy in music reproduction Straightforward circuits provide simpler, more direct signal paths and require fewer component parts to implement. […]


Classic Sixty

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Tasked with developing the most cost effective amplifier that they could build, consistent with their standards of quality of construction and performance, the conrad-johnson design team turned to their flagship product for inspiration. Borrowing heavily on the technology of its big brother, the ART amplifier, the Classic Sixty preserves the distinctive tonal character of individual […]


LP125sa/LP125sa+ & LP260m/LP260mSE

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The LP125sa Stereo Amplifier and LP260m mono-block are the latest in the highly regarded series of conrad-johnson vacuum-tube power amplifiers. The LP125sa offers a compelling combination of the audio excellence one expects from conrad-johnson, the convenience of a single stereo chassis, and, at 125 watts per channel, sufficient power for the majority of high-end speaker […]



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The limited edition ART Amplifier is designed to be a reference amplifier for the use of industry professionals as well as dedicated audiophiles. Like its companion GAT Preamplifier, the ART Amplifier will be offered in an edition of just 250 units (125 pairs) to be sold through selected conrad-johnson dealers and distributors. Those who do […]