Classic 2/Classic 2 SE Preamplifier

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For more than thirty years, conrad-johnson has refined the concept of high end audio through its relentless pursuit of excellence. For as long as the company has been producing its world-renowned state of the art audio instruments, it has also been adapting the technologies and construction techniques responsible for those products and applying them to […]


ET3/ET3SE Preamplifier

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At conrad-johnson, development of their flagship products has traditionally led to important enhancements of their entry-level offerings. The ET3 preamplifier is a case in point. The ET3 line-stage is a “baby” version of their flagship line-stage preamplifier, the GAT. The family resemblance is much more than skin deep. With voltage gain provided by a triode […]


ET5 Preamplifier

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Introduced in 2009, the GAT Preamplifier continues conrad-johnson’s dominant position atop the rankings of reference preamplifiers. An important benefit of pursuing state-of-the-art designs is that the circuits and techniques developed in their flagship products are frequently directly applicable to their entire line of products. In this instance, they have embodied the technology of the GAT […]


GAT Preamplifier

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The GAT Preamplifier embodies conrad-johnson’s latest advances in line-stage preamplifier technology. they believe that it will quickly be recognized as the new industry-wide reference standard for line-stage preamplifier performance, a role filled for more than a decade by its legendary predecessor, the ART preamplifier. Like the ART, the GAT Preamplifier will be available in a […]