NHB-108 Model Two

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Price: Above S$50,000 Often envied, never equalled. The NHB-108 is the ultimate dual-mono amplifier. Get ready for an audio experience that you’ve «Never Heard Before». The NHB-108 was the first power amplifier designed and built by darTZeel. The NHB-108 has earned legendary status among critics and music lovers alike. Its immediate success and multiple awards […]


NHB-108 model one

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Price: Between S$20,000 to S$30,000 The NHB-108 model one power amplifier was the first product designed, built, and sold by darTZeel. The consensus of audio reviewers and passionate audiophiles has always been that the NHB-108 model one is a crème de la crème product. The NHB-108 model one’s immediate success (and many awards) decisively placed darTZeel on […]



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Price: Above S$200,000 The most powerful amplifiers ever developed by darTZeel. NHB-468 monoblocks are the most powerful amplifiers ever designed and built by darTZeel. They are the culmination of nine years’ research and development. NHB-468 mono amplifiers retain all the musicality of the original signal. The NHB-468’s immense power supply ensures that they can cover […]