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Like the first tone of a scale, the Tonik interconnect provides the foundation of truly accurate performance and value. Through the use of Kimber Kable’s legendary tri-braid field geometry, VariStrand™, Ultrapure copper conductors and our special recipe PE dielectric, the Tonik allows music to flow with power, smoothness and harmonic richness. Tonik single-ended uses our […]



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The highly acclaimed PBJ interconnect exhibits simple, elegant construction incorporating proven tri-braid field geometry, VariStrand™, Hyper-pure copper conductors and extruded fluorocarbon dielectric. PBJ has become a classic with performance that continues to be unmatched by competing cables. Tonally balanced with clear, articulate highs, accurate midrange, tight extended bass, and three dimensional soundstaging are common descriptions […]



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The Timbre replaced KIMBER’s award-winning PBJ interconnects back in 2003. And the good news is that it performs even better! It performs even better because the insulation is purer that the PBJ cable. The sound you hear will be more natural and spacious, yet just as rhythmic and musical. The word ‘timbre’ means the natural […]



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An analogue interconnect based on Kimber’s proven technologies and design goals. Features include their unique GyroQuadratic™ field geometry, 4 VariStrand™ Hyper-pure Copper conductors and Dual fluorocarbon dielectric insulating technology. Hero draws you into the music by presenting the harmonic structure and emotion of the actual performance, as well as giving you amazing 3-dimensional imaging, detail […]


Silver Streak

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Sweet and natural, Award Winning Silver Streak! KIMBER’s concept of using separately insulated silver and copper conductors means that you get impressive performance and great value for money. Timber first copper / silver hybrid cable that builds on the performance of all the preceding models. Two strands TCSS copper and one strand AGSS silver provide […]


KS 1011

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Kimber Kable’s improved, reference copper single ended analog audio interconnect. The copper is Hyper-pure and molecularly optimized. In addition, electron transfer, electrostatic and electromagnetic relationships have been maximized. The KS 1011 is amazing both sonically and technically. Features Fluorocarbon Dielectric


KS 1111

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The design concepts behind this advanced balanced cable began with discoveries regarding earth grounding and its relationship to the signal pair in a differential audio interconnect. This cable employs a dual concentric grounding method, utilizing a conductor gauge size of 14.5 awg. The conductor is Hyper-pure, molecularly optimized copper. KS-1111 possesses silk like smoothness and […]


KS 1016

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Kimber’s newest all-copper Select interconnect The KS-1016 is an improved version of the KS-1011; like that cable, it is an all copper design but with 50% more conductors. On listening to the new design, we found that the extra conductors mean that the sound is louder, more dynamic and with a more musical bass and […]


KS 1116

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Kimber’s newest all-copper Balanced Select interconnect Hyper-pure Copper Fluorocarbon Dielectric Studio Grade XLR Connectors The KS-1116 is an improved version of the KS-1111; like that cable, it is an all copper design but with 50% more conductors. On listening to the new design, we found that the extra conductors mean that the sound is louder, […]


KS 1021

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Select KS-1021 is a Hybrid cable. That means that it uses a mixture of pure silver and pure copper conductors. Features Hyper-pure, molecularly optimised copper and Black Pearl silver conductors DCT – Deep Cryogenically Treated V-Teflon™ insulation Orthogonal braid WBT 0102-Cu phonos The benefit of building a cable like this is that you get most […]