The new VPI Prime Scout

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There have been hints and leaks to this for the past few months.  The “Prime Scout” is a blend of the original Scout turntable (originally named the “Aries Scout”) and a VPI Prime.  A little over 2 years ago the face of VPI changed with the creation of the Prime turntable by Mat Weisfeld.   In […]


Looking through solid Ayre: QX-5 Twenty internals & factory tour

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Behind the Pono player’s seriously impressive sonic prowess were Colorado’s Ayre Acoustics. The Boulder-based company designed the circuit. And like all Ayre products, a balanced topology with all discrete components and zero feedback were applied without negotiation. The subsequent Codex DAC/headphone amplifier, an extension and refinement of Pono’s circuit, showed off just how Ayre’s adherence to certain design principles can make mains-powered […]


Great review of the QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub from Audiostream!

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“… With some digital gear, there can be a temptation, sometimes uncontrollable, to move past Roon’s current selection because it sounds, well, bad. I know some feel that bad recordings should sound bad but I say, to a point. To my mind and my experience, better digital does not make a bad recording sound unlistenable. […]


Home Theater Hi-Fi reviewed MartinLogan Impression ESL 11A

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MartinLogan Impression ESL 11A Electrostatic Speakers Review The MartinLogan ESL 11A is a world-class speaker. It is revealing, accurate and has the huge soundstage one expects of a dipole radiator. The speaker can sound good with modest source components, but to hear it at its best, use the highest-quality sources and amplifiers that you can […]


PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Premium reviewed by Herb Reichert – Stereophile

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“What are the best amps to drive these new Falcons?” One amplifier brand was mentioned more often than any other. “Try a PrimaLuna!,” In the November, 2016 issue of Stereophile, just released, reviewer Herb Reichert raves about the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Power Amplifier. His conclusion: “PrimaLuna’s ProLogue Premium has become my new reference for low-power, […]


MartinLogan Goes Retro with Launch of Classic ESL 9 Loudspeaker

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The ESL 9 loudspeaker from MartinLogan utilizes the company’s CLS XStat electrostatic (ESL) transducer and dual 8-inch aluminum-cone woofers. For decades audiophiles have coveted the performance of electrostatic (ESL) loudspeakers for their speed and transparency. The loudspeaker manufacturer MartinLogan has refined the design of electrostat speakers with its own unique designs, and its latest product provides […]


Just in from Conrad Johnson – CAV-45 Integrated Amplifier

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Conrad-Johnson announced the new conrad-johnson CAV-45 control amplifier, designed to satisfy the needs of those seeking a high-quality vacuum-tube integrated amplifier. Unlike a typical integrated amplifier, a control amplifier eliminates the preamplifier stage altogether, thereby eliminating its inherent distortions, at the same time preserving the integrated amplifier’s performance advantage of avoiding interconnect cables between control section […]


Great Review of the D’Agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier

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“If you are looking for what is quite simply the best integrated amplifier out there – and have the shelves to take it – the Momentum Integrated is the heavyweight champion. Very highly recommended!” The above quote is from Alan Sircom’s rave review of the Momentum Integrated Amplifier in the September issue of Hi Fi Plus Magazine. The review is an absolute rave. Click here to […]


Great Review of the D’Agostino Momentum M400 Mono Amplifier

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The Dan D’Agostino Momentum M400 is published in the latest issue of Hi Fi News. Ken Kessler continues the universal praise for the Momentum amplifier design awarding the coveted Outstanding Product designation. “…It’s clear that the Momentum M400 was not going to show any limitations where power, speed, attack, control or other wattage- related matters are concerned…Rather, the M400 impressed […]


Building a Player at Capital

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VPI takes great pride in making their products in America.  However, it is common for a lot of companies to move production overseas when making products more entry level.  This is not the case with the VPI Player, their entry level/affordable high-end turntable.  Of course the definition of “affordable” is relative and might be different pending upon each person. […]