The 2016 TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi show

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— An exhibition of Hi-End and Hi-Fi audio products; Sponsored, organized & managed by TAA-Taiwan Audio Association, major group of audio industries & entertainments in Taiwan — Below we’ve included a few images of our proudly distributed brands from the 2016 TAA International Hi-End Hi-Fi show.          


VPI Announces “Dual Pivot” Modification For All 3D Printed Arms

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VPI just announced a new, easy to accomplish modification for its full line of 3D printed arms that turns the unipivot into a dual pivot design. The modification creates a totally stable arm that fully eliminates “wobble”. The first dual pivot arm I ever encountered was on Judy Spotheim’s LaLuce turntable. It was a unipivot […]


AMAZING new review of Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT!

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AMAZING new review of our Quatro Wood CT by Dave Clark at Positive Feedback Online! Dave said so many wonderful things, and in summary: ” … the Quatros fit the bill for musicality, extended frequency response, dynamically spot on, and being drop dead attractive to look at. Thanks Richard. Much love to you and all […]

2016 layout1

2016 Hong Kong High-End Audio-Visual Show

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International Top Gears Gathering in Hong Kong Most Sophisticated Technology in one place. The 3-day Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show, the biggest AV show in Asia, was held on 5-7 August at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Representatives, designers and engineers from different countries were participating. In addition to top gears high end […]


A Marvel from PrimaLuna by Jeff Dorgay – ToneAudio magazine!

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In the latest issue ( No 77 ) of ToneAudio magazine Jeff Dorgay has tested our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier for months at his home. After the review Kevin Deal from Upscale Audio & PrimaLuna USA received the following request from Jeff. Hi Kevin: You know my respect for PrimaLuna goes way back. Back […]


The VPI Titan

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  VPI have been encouraged for many years now by customers and distributors to really push the limit on their engineering.  After their visit to Munich and the strong cases made by the overseas market, a sketch on the plane ride was born.  The idea in mind was based off their Avenger Reference Magnetic Drive.  They double stacked the chassis […]


Charley Hansen: The Wizard of Boulder

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Twenty-three years ago, in 1993, Charles Hansen cofounded Ayre Acoustics, Inc., in Boulder, Colorado. On Ayre’s website, Hansen is named as Research Director for Ayre, and it seems an apt description. Along with experimenting in and developing audio-electronics hardware and software, Hansen has strongly hewn to certain design principles, among them fully balanced operation, an […]


VPI Player

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VPI is very proud to announce the re-launch/re-branding of the Nomad as the “VPI Player Turntable”.  The Nomad had undergone revisions from it’s version 1 to version 2 state which essentially made it a completely new table.  Though it is not due for a full roll out until end of June/early July, we have started […]


MartinLogan launched Expression™ ESL 13A and Impression™ ESL 11A

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  MartinLogan’s new Masterpiece Series features hybrid electrostatic transducers and advanced low-frequency technologies, adding new levels of performance and adaptability to the listening environment. Munich, Germany – High End 2016 – May 5, 2016 – MartinLogan, the world’s leader in electrostatic and Folded Motion™ loudspeaker technology, proudly announces the next two floorstanding loudspeaker models in […]



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If there’s anyone in high-end audio who’s known for his skill at harnessing raw electricity and bending it to his will, it’s Dan D’Agostino. The equipment designer made his name a few decades ago with Krell amplifiers. That company’s early pure Class A models attracted both awe and admiration not only for their musicality, but […]