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Ayre’s K-5xeMP preamplifier combines peerless musical performance with stunning visual design. The exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback circuitry renders music with vitality and life. Its custom-designed volume control is actuated by a silky smooth optical encoder, using FET switches and precision metal-film resistors to deliver absolute sonic transparency. The massive power transformer effortlessly provides startlingly real musical dynamics. The Ayre K-5xeMP will transport you to a new world of musical enjoyment.


  • zero-feedback, fully-balanced discrete circuitry
  • 66 step volume control, each of 1.0 dB
  • Four inputs: two balanced, two single-ended
  • Proprietary volume control with FET switches & metal film resistors
  • Ayre Conditioner Power-Line RFI Filter
  • Control microprocessor is turned off except when executing a command
  • Input selector also switches ground connection, so that all source components are completely disconnected except for the one selected
  • “Theater” mode for use with surround-sound processor is assignable to any input, allowing use with balanced or single-ended processors


Input Impedance: 20 kohm (per phase)
Output Impedance: 55 ohm (per phase)
Frequency Response: DC – 200 kHz
Maximum Gain: 4 dB – unbalanced outputs

10 dB – balanced outputs

Maximum Input Level:  4 Vrms – unbalanced inputs


User Manual


Stereophile_Ayre_K-5xeMP“…in Stereophile’s “Recommended Components,” this Maximum Performance version deserves a full Class A rating.”
 –John Atkinson, Stereophile


Soundstage_Ayre_K-5xeMP“…I was astounded at how the Ayre managed to draw me into the music.”
–Jason Thorpe, SoundStage!


Audio_Perfectionist_Journal_Ayre_K-5xeMP“The Ayre K-5x is a killer preamp…”
–Shane Buettner,Audio Perfectionist Journal


Hi-Fi+_Ayre_K-5xeMP“The K-5x has a full bodied sound that revels in tonal colour, shape and texture… Build quality is exemplary and better than most achieve even at twice this price.”
–Jason Kennedy, hifi+