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"The D’Agostino Momentum preamplifier ruthlessly revealed differences among gear, cables, and recordings, and consistently produced ear-pleasing liquidity and tonal and harmonic beauty. Ugly-sounding recordings sounded ugly. The great ones? Oh, my!" - Michael Fremer

"The Wilson Benesch Vector is an outstanding loudspeaker. You need to take some care in what it works with, but when suitably fettled, the Vector tells
you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you want to know how your music sounds, it sounds like this.” - Alan Sircom

"Absolute Dream interconnect realises the truly ‘black’ backgrounds possible from genuine24-bit digital recordings without sounding clinical or penetrating. Suffice it to say whatever equipment I was auditioning, it never sounded quite as musical as when the Absolute Dreams were in play” - Paul Miller

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