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Avalon Acoustics – Evolution of time and Space

Norman Audio is the distributor for Avalon Acoustics in Singapore

Avalon Acoustics, the world’s premier loudspeaker manufacturer, designs and crafts works of art for astute music lovers who appreciate the subtlety & emotion of a moving musical experience. The listening experience must provide a precise recreation of the original musical event, conveying all of its emotional impact & nuance of detail. Each speaker is a union of music and aesthetics attained through uncompromising dedication to the highest quality standards.
Avalon Acoustics is an idealistic group of musicians, artists, craftsmen, and engineers. Their experience ranges from playing and performance through recording, editing, mastering and playback. For over 25 years their world renowned designs have set the ultimate reference standard for audio reproduction. Their ongoing research continues to redefine the state of the art in high-resolution 3 dimensional soundstaging. Each of our Musical Masterpieces is a work of art in itself, entirely handcrafted in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
The Avalon Acoustics philosophy is simple :
To build the finest loudspeakers possible, without compromise..
Neil Patel, Avalon’s designer & illuminating spirit, has pushed the bounds of design with every model of loudspeaker conceived. When no solution has been conventionally available – new methods, processes & materials have been developed to achieve the musical goal.
Before leaving the factory each of these masterpieces is subjected to a demanding array of quality control & testing procedures to assure flawless & consistent performance. Each speaker is a work of art, Avalon take great pride in designing & building each model in Boulder, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
Much more revolution than just evolution…  Avalon Acoustics.

All products designed by Neil Patel for Avalon Acoustics.

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