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Ayre Acoustics Ax-7e integrated amplifier

“This beautifully made integrated has an amazing dimensionality, openness, image specificity, and transparency that rival much more expensive separates.” 2004 Recommended Products Editors Choice, The Absolute Sound

The Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier combines sophisticated control functions with a dynamic output section in a single sleek chassis. But don’t let its compact size fool you—it delivers all of music’s drama and excitement, employing the same exclusive zero-feedback design found in our reference products. Extremely flexible, the AX-7e offers true balanced inputs and full remote control capabilities. Its custom-designed volume control features FET switches and precision metal-film resistors to ensure total purity of sound. The Ayre AX-7e removes the last veil between you and music’s magic.


  • zero-feedback, fully-balanced circuitry
  • 66 step volume control, each of 1.0 dB
  • Four inputs: two balanced, two single-ended
  • Eight high-current output devices per channel
  • Proprietary volume control with FET switches & metal film resistors
  • Control microprocessor is turned off except when executing a command
  • Input selector also switches ground connection, so that all source components are completely disconnected except for the one selected
  • “Theater” mode for use with surround-sound processor is assignable to any input, allowing use with balanced or single-ended processors
  • Optional metal remote features beautifully finished milled aluminum with five lighted buttons. For the ultimate in luxury and feel when controlling the AX-7.


Power Output60 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms
120 watts per channel continuous into 4 ohms
Frequency Response2Hz – 200kHz
Input Impedance20 KΩ (per phase)
Power Consumption20 watts in standby mode
70 watts in operating mode, no signal
Dimensions17.25″ W x 13.75″ D x 4.75″ H
(43.8cm x 35cm x 12cm)
Weight26 pounds (12 kg)




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