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Conrad Johnson – It just sounds right

In the mid-1970s, two economists—friends and serious audiophiles—Dr. William Conrad and Dr. Lewis Johnson—were highly dissatisfied with the commercially available equipment of the time and were also perplexed and challenged by the readily apparent sonic differences among components in their own systems. What made these two classic tube systems sound so different? Could the virtues of each be somehow combined? Not content to merely speculate on such issues, Conrad and Johnson decided to systematically investigate by developing and refining a vacuum-tube preamplifier.
The resulting conrad-johnson preamplifier was immediately recognized as a state of the art contender and catapulted Conrad and Johnson into the audio industry.
The most important legacy of their design’s beginnings is the basic methodology which took shape in the course of the development of that first preamplifier. This methodology has enabled them to develop new products which have routinely been ranked among the most musically satisfying. Few other manufacturers have so consistently received such high praise for their products.

Conrad Johnson products are a manifestation of their passion. Performance cannot merely be measured; it must be heard. It just sounds right.

C-J design philosophy is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and development. Their products are executed with simple circuits, constructed with the highest-quality custom components. Their products benefit from the use of proprietary CJD film capacitors, audio and power transformers, military-grade precision audio resistors, in-house designed circuit boards, chassis and dress metal—all sourced from North American vendors. All Conrad Johnson components are designed, hand-crafted, and built in the USA. Visit the manufacturer’s site