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EMMESpeakers – Fashion and Passion

EMMESpeakers makes of its design philosophy, as well as continuity, a company value. The development is marked by consistency with the original principles of EMMESpeakers design, aimed at accuracy, control and a realistic reconstruction of sound events.

EMMESpeakers bases its design philosophy on three fundamental criteria:

– PSX System (parallel-series crossover), mixed parallel-series layout.
– BSSE System (box shape for sound enhancement), box shapes conceived to the sound optimization.
– Full Sealed Box, pneumatic suspension.

The unconventional two-and-a-half-way layout involves the use of two woofers having different characteristics, instead of identical woofers as in the classic two-and-a-half-way configuration.

The PSX System distributes to each woofer the signal in function of single own power handling, endows to the speaker deep and controlled basses, in particular in a home context, as well as excellent power handling.

The crossing with the tweeter, in parallel networking and reached at low frequency with the fourth acoustic order, completes the layout of the EMMESpeakers loudspeaker.

The cabinet structure prevents the standing waves generation and uncontrolled box resonances, thanks to the “sandwich” technology: different panels CNC machined and subsequently pressed together.

The result is a rigid, inert and well-damped cabinet.
In the design and development stages, particular attention was devoted to the interaction between on-axis and off-axis sound emissions. The exterior shape is in function on the correct interaction between the two types of emission in the space.

EMMESpeakers speakers are conceived to blend in harmoniously with the interior design, thanks to streamlined and sophisticated styling.
Elegant and precious objects, capable of providing an enveloping sound with all musical genres.

EMMESpeakers speakers are distinguished by the rhythm, impact and spatial distribution of sound, rewarding the listeners with a highly enjoyable experience.

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