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Kimber D60 Digital Cable

“Smooth yet highly detailed, spacious soundstage, and lack of hardness and edge,” – Robert Harley, Stereophile, “Recommended Components,” Vol. 19, No. 10, October, 1996.

Kimber D60 has proven to be the worldwide reference for digital cables. Featuring a unique Hyper-pure silver conductor contained in an air-articulated fluorocarbon dielectric with twin helically wound shields to protect it from RF interference. The remaining layers and technology are proprietary. Termination options include BNC and RCA type connectors. Composite, component, and RGB+HV formats are available.

Kimber Kable D60 Digital Cable - Norman Audio

The word ‘timbre’ means the natural distinguishing sound of a musical instrument. They think it’s the perfect name for a cable that will let you hear the true sound of your recordings! It uses the legendary woven geometry and benefits from their highest purity VariStrand™ copper and fluorocarbon dielectric insulation. This all adds up to a level of performance that can compete with other far more expensive offerings on the market –it won’t disgrace itself even in higher end systems.

FEP dielectric and pure silver are the only ingredients in this flagship model. A digital cable by which all others are measured. Super low noise floor and incredible bandwidth deliver a huge soundstage with the natural rhythm and pacing of real instruments. A digital cable should disappear and the Kimber D60 meets the challenge.

Precision 75Ω pure silver digital tri-axial. S/PDIF.

Ultraplate RCA or BNC connector options.


  • Silver solid core center conductor for maximum conductivity.
  • Dual layer pure silver shielding with 100% coverage is circumferentially bonded to the connector shell for absolute immunity to noise.
  • An intermediate layer of un-sintered semi-conductive PTFE prevents triboelectric noise from reaching the signal path. This noise is the result of mechanical vibration which can contaminate the digital signal.
  • VELOCITY OF PROPAGATION: A air articulated PTFE core results in propagation velocity of 85% for vanishing low delay, essential for ultra-responsive digital signal transmission. The D60 is truly a design to PUSH EVERY BIT.
  • Tightly controlled 75Ω impedance.
  • Nitrogen assisted hand soldered termination.

Kimber Kable D60 Digital Cable - Norman Audio


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