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Kimber KS 1136 XLR Interconnect Cable

“If you have the money and consider yourself a no holds barred audiophile connoisseur, don’t hesitate to select the Kimber Select KS 1136 or KS 1036 for your cost is no object system and save some dough for software. Even listening with the Marten Bird’s perfect diamond tweeters and speedy ceramic drivers, the new Selects brought CDs and LPs to life and left virtually nothing to be desired! Ray Kimber has done it again! My highest recommendation!” — Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback

“For the life of me I can’t think of another a top-tier cable that has ever compelled me to listen quite as deeply as I was able to with these wires. On the one hand it’ll expose every weakness in a system. But on the other, it will also permit an otherwise excellent system to realize a whole new level of resolution and musicality. Gulp, wallets at the ready? My highest recommendation.” — Nail Gader, The Absolute Sound

Six 25AWG Black Pearl solid silver conductors drawn in diamond coated dies and insulated with virgin FEP dielectric under the most exacting tolerances which offer the purest transfers of the most demanding highest resolution signals. These interconnects produce silent backdrops for vivid tonal color and flawless creation of space, time and ultimately the soul of the performance.

Like the universally touted KS 1130, the KS 1136 makes use of Black Pearl silver conductors, their dual concentric grounding format, and their sophisticated constrained matrix. With an increase in conductor mass and matching ESD yarn the KS 1136 provides increased low frequency impact and weight and a stunning sense of dynamic coherence at all frequencies.

Kimber KS 1136 is Kimber’s all-silver Select balanced interconnect. Using six of their finest Black Pearl silver conductors woven around their proprietary core compound, the cable gives the breath-taking experience of ‘being there’ thanks to the purity of its conductors and their precise geometry.

The conductors themselves are insulated with a high pressure and low temperature applied pure V-fluorocarbon dielectric (the special application process helps to maintain the purity of the silver); the conductors are applied to the cable’s core compound simultaneously with a matrix to ‘lock’ them in place and ensure the precise cable geometry is preserved. If you demand nothing less than the very best from your system, KS-1136 is a must have.

The KS 1136 features “studio grade” XLR type connectors with silver plated contacts.


  • Kimber’s top-of-the-range silver balanced interconnect.
  • Six ‘Black Pearl’ pure silver conductors.
  • Unique orthogonal braid woven around Kimber X-38R core compound.
  • Available as a RCA version, KS 1036.


    • Hyper-pure, molecularly optimised copper and ‘Black Pearl’ silver conductors.
    • Orthogonal braid.
    • V-fluorocarbon dielectric.
    • X38R core compound.
    • ESD (electrostatic discharge) yarn.
    • WBT-0102 Cu nextgen phono plugs.




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