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Timbre RCA/XLR Interconnect Cable

“…very good at defining the musicians in a specific space; in other words, imaging is first class for such a reasonably priced cable.” – Jason Kennedy

Non-shielded, classic Kimber Kable three wire braided copper interconnect will deliver deep, holographic imaging. Timbre’s has a great ability to pop a central performer forward in the soundstage with clean and clear separation of instruments. Get a glimpse past the what and into the “why” on all your favorite albums.

The word ‘timbre’ means the natural distinguishing sound of a musical instrument. They think it’s the perfect name for a cable that will let you hear the true sound of your recordings! It uses the legendary woven geometry and benefits from their highest purity VariStrand™ copper and fluorocarbon dielectric insulation. This all adds up to a level of performance that can compete with other far more expensive offerings on the market –it won’t disgrace itself even in higher end systems.

Kimber Kable Timbre Features - Norman Audio

Arguably, Kimber Timbre is one of the best value interconnects in the whole Kimber range. Timbre single-ended cable uses custom UltraPlate™ RCA type connectors and Timbre balanced features “studio grade” XLR connectors with silver plated contacts.

Kimber Kable Timbre Interconnect - Norman Audio


  • 3 Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • KIMBER UltraPlate™ phonos
  • Attenuated version
  • Balanced version with XLRs
  • Single Ended
    • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 62.1 pF / meter
    • (Ls) series inductance: 0.493 uH / meter
    • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.057 Ohm / meter
  • Balanced
    • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 45.8 pF / meter
    • (Ls) series inductance: 1 uH / meter
    • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.0822 Ohm / meter

Kimber Kable PBJ Interconnect Cable - Norman Audio



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