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Manley Labs – Tube Rules!

Manley Laboratories, Inc. is an American manufacturer of pro audio equipment, including microphones, signal processors, dynamic range processors, equalizers, converters, and specialized mastering products. Manley is located in Chino, California.

Launched at the tail end of the 1980s, Manley Labs has been manufacturing respected hi-fi and pro audio gear of the very highest caliber ever since its inception. Its collection of recording, mixing, mastering, and playback gear is inspired by the same analog traditions that have always guided this award-winning brand from the beginning. Manley’s latest gear is made in the USA using advanced machinery and premium internal components to produce the truest analog build quality.

Today, the Manley Labs factory is located in Chino, California, but their first commercially available products were constructed at the old Vacuum Tube Logic of America (VTL) factory. At that time, EveAnna Manley was hired on to the VTL production team prior to Manley’s first professional products (Manley Enhanced Pultec, Manley Reference Cardioid, and Reference Gold). In 1993, Manley Laboratories, Inc. became a separate entity apart from VTL; EveAnna took on a sales role. After Dave Manley left in 1996, EveAnna took control of Manley Labs after having worked her way up through the ranks. With EveAnna at the helm, Manley Labs began developing new products; some gone on to become industry legends.

Manley Laboratories produces recording, mixing, mastering, and playback equipment of the very highest calibre, proudly maintaining the great analogue traditions upon which the company was built – and it’s clear to see through their R&D that they are always looking forward to the future of the industry.

Their pro gear is impressively used in many of the world’s top recording studios, and their HiFi components clearly reflect why this is the case.  It is often said that if you listen to any piece of recorded music, it will have Manley in it somewhere!

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