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MIT Cables Z Strip

A unique and modern approach to an old problem: Dirty Power. The MIT Cables Z Strip uses (patented) parallel noise filtration circuits, removing AC line noise you can hear through every speaker, and noise you can see on your new high definition display. By controlling line noise, you will enjoy “blacker” blacks, better saturation of color, and a deepening of the ability to see details in the shadows like never before! Z technology not only protects your investment, it will help make AV components last longer and perform at their absolute best! Get the performance you paid for.
The Z Strip provides:

  • Multiple patented, parallel tuned filters operating over the widest frequency range, engineered to remove noise from your 50-60 Hz AC power line. (Unlike series filters, the Z Strip will not limit current or dynamics!).
  • 6 Hospital Grade, audiophile type outlets (grey).
  • 2 Digital isolated Hospital Grade outlets, (orange)—to isolate digital components from the analog components and further eliminate digital noise insertion from connected components such as a CD or DVD player.
  • Power Factor correction— reduces transmission losses and improves voltage regulation.
  • Elimination of common mode and differential mode noise. Works on line coupled and field coupled noise.
  • Surge and spike protection for noise-free A/V performance and improved service life. 15 amp fuse with reset switch.
  • Excellent for silent AV power distribution near fluorescent lights and low voltage lighting.

That’s why they call it…Always Perfect Power!™

Sold as singles.



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