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PurePower – AC Regeneration

PurePower was born out of a vision to provide dependable pure power to high end audio and home theater. In today’s world of deteriorating power quality and unreliable utility supply, the need for reliable power regeneration is clear. AC filtering, conditioning and surge suppression is just not enough to give your systems what they need to perform to the best of their abilities. Some technologies designed to “clean up” your power actually degrades the output quality of your audio and video components.

PurePower’s background is in power quality. Understanding electricity and power and the problems that can exist in your AC supply is their business. They also know how to eliminate those problems and provide a clean regenerated source without any hocus pocus or black box technology. They are always happy to give you the straight goods on power problems and power quality solutions.

PurePower Regeneration

The technology behind the PurePower™ APS.
Your AC power supply would be ideal if you could plug your system components directly into the main generator at the nearest hydro electric generating station without the intervening transmission system and other customers sharing the line – assuming you could hear the music over the roar of the waterfalls.  The PurePower™ APS provides the next best thing. It quietly generates a new, clean, 120 volt 60 cycle sine wave right beside your audio or home theatre system, so there is no opportunity for outside influences to introduce unwanted waveform distortions.

Their double conversion design:
The utility supply from the wall outlet is filtered and surge protected. It is then converted by a rectifier circuit to a finely regulated direct current. This DC is then used by the inverter circuit to regenerate a new clean AC source. The battery module  placed on the DC side ensures that no matter what happens to the utility power supply, there will be full current and voltage at the rated value to keep your components connected to an ideal pure power supply.

This double conversion technology provides a perfect barrier to power problems that might exist in the utility line. No distortions can pass through the DC intermediate circuit. No EMI, no RFI, no spikes, no high voltage transients, no damaging surges can reach your components. In fact, if it were possible for a damaging spike to get past the PurePower™’s built in surge protection system, it would still not reach your sensitive components.

The PurePower™ APS maintains the accuracy of its 120 volt sine wave at a steady 60 cycles even at its full output no matter how low or high the voltage of the utility supply, so the amplifier never suffers current limits, regardless of how momentary.

Utility supply vs. Regeneration:

Does regenerated power really give me anything that the power in my wall can’t provide?

Recent testing conducted  at Audio Ideas Guide magazine shows what the PurePower™ can do. The power at the wall was measured to have a lower than optimal voltage and a host of harmonic distortion at various frequencies resulting in flat topped wave forms, but reasonably good as utility supplies go. The power output of the PurePower™ APS was measured showing full availability with minimal harmonics or wave form distortion.

The power requirements of a Bryston 9B SST THX 5 channel power amplifier was measured with broad spectrum pink noise input. Measurements were take both on utility and with the addition of the APS. There were dramatic differences in current draw between the two setups. Without the PurePower™ APS, the amplifier could not draw the current it was asking for. The addition of the APS increased the power draw of the Bryston by almost 2 amps. The measurements also showed marked reduction in total voltage distortion and the ability to match the needs of the equipment. This is achieved without the overwhelming overhead of some other regeneration technologies – the PurePower™ APS has an energy efficiency of between 85 and 92%!

Current Unlimiting:

The PurePower AC regeneration design provides something you might not expect from a power solution. Many power filtering and conditioning products are routinely accused of limiting the current flowing though them, thus starving the power amps with their need for lots of instantaneous current on demand. Testing shows how the PurePower actually has the capability to deliver more current that even a completely unfettered and unfiltered household outlet. In the Bryston equipment test measurements shown above, the 9B SST demanded AC to produce the required output to the speakers. The Amp drew 3.88 amps at its peak demand. When powered from the PurePower 1050, the amp was able to draw 5.6 amps at peak! That’s almost a 50% increase! This is possible due to the nature of our AC regeneration technology. One of our primary goals is to be able to provide for maximum current variation on demand without allowing the sine wave or voltage level to be adversely affected. While you want voltage to be rock solid, noise to be at a minimum and the sine wave to be pristine, you also want to be able to have the most current possible available exactly when it is needed. The more instant current change you can provide without affecting any of the other power variables, the better your system can perform.

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