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Siltech Cable – Product of Sound Engineering

International Audio Holding, the globally renowned company behind the prolific brands Siltech and Crystal Cable, has its roots firmly in the landscape of Dutch engineering technology. Siltech’s history starts well over three decades ago in the little Dutch town of Elst, near WWII-famous Arnhem, with the establishment of Siltech (Silver-Technology). When Edwin Rijnveld, electronic engineer by profession and music lover by heart, took over the company in the mid-nineties. Siltech became the innovative brand as we now know it.

Unrestricted by conventions and norms, Siltech has been a pioneer in championing the importance of cables and connectors within overall sound quality. Over the last three decades, Siltech has redefined expectations for the highest quality cable technology and the audio performance they can deliver.

At Siltech, they strive for ultimate audio solution that embraces audible, measurable and explainable excellence.

Their mission is to create products that provide unparalleled musical accuracy through innovation and precision. With their in-house proprietary materials, strong audio measurement capability and craftsmanship, they seek to safeguard the authenticity of the artist’s work, delivering their creation as accurately as possible without adding or subtracting any aspect.

They look firmly to the future with an unwavering focus on the new possibilities.

They aspire to be the forerunner who draws up and actualizes the blueprint for the future of high-end audio industry. Where others see limitations, they leverage technology and expertise to find opportunity, pushing beyond established limits to turn dreams into reality.

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