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Siltech Cables Royal Signature Golden Eagle 75 Double Crown Digital Cable

The Royal Signature digital cables are among the most precise 75, 100 and 110 ohm cables in the world. Because digital-to-analog converters are critical sensitive to jitter caused by cables, their cables have extreme good jitter suppression, causing the music nuances to excel.

The Siltech Cables Golden Eagle 75 Double Crown conductors are monocrystal and is available as 75 Ohm.

The Royal Signature Series high-end cables embody every last ounce of Siltech’s knowledge and technology. The twisted twin co-axial construction used in the Classic Anniversary and Explorer series delivers a perfect balance of performance, price and practicality, its elegant self-shielding topology eliminating both unnecessary elements and the performance compromises that go with them.

But once performance becomes paramount, the rules change. An external, circumferential shield can produce even better results – but only if you can space it far enough away from the conductors. Thick and stiff external insulation imparts added mechanical isolation. That means cables that are heavy and less flexible, but once heard we think you’ll agree, that’s a small price to pay given the performance on offer.

Those substantial casings contain our latest G7 silver/gold alloy or, in the Crown Series cables, their revolutionary (and incredibly costly) S8 silver mono-crystal conductors, combined with advanced insulation materials and precision manufacturing techniques to create a genuinely state-of-the-art family of eight interconnects, five speaker cables, three power cords and no fewer than eight digital cables, including USB and FireWire. Breathtakingly accurate and musically involving, the Royal Signature Series are the best cables that Siltech can make: in a world of uncertainty, history suggests that that makes them the best cables you can buy.

Interconnect cables: Princess, Queen, Empress, Empress Crown , Empress Double Crown
Phono Cables: Avondale II Phono, Empress Crown Phono, Empress Double Crown Phono
Loudspeaker cables: Prince, King, Emperor II, Emperor Crown, Emperor Double Crown
Power cables: Ruby Hill II, Ruby Mountain II, Ruby Double Crown
Digital/Video cables: Golden Ridge II, Golden Eagle 75, Golden Eagle II, Golden Eagle 75 Double Crown
FireWire/USB cables: Golden Fire II, Golden Fire Crown, Golden Universal II, Golden Universal Crown
Headphone cables: Duchess Crown 




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