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VPI Classic Turntable  – Between S$5,000 to S$6,000

“The VPI Classic 1, in my opinion, exceeds the performance of [VPI’s] ScoutMaster series and breaks new sonic ground… at a breathtakingly low price. I think this is Weisfeld’s best sounding design. If ever there were a best buy in ‘tables, this is it!”
– Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award Issue, June/July 2009

“I’ve unboxed too many $3,000 turntables that my dog could chew to bits in a matter of seconds. VPI’s robust construction puts any such fears to rest. Price be damned, the Classic is one of the most engaging turntables I’ve had the pleasure to use.”
– Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio, 2012

“The VPI’s exact PRaT, the rise times of transients and their sudden stops generated a very lively ‘no fat’ presentation that didn’t linger but appeared explosive and fit. In the bass, the degree of definition, speed and grip were arguably class leading for this price range. It really was marvelous just what the Classic could recover on data in the sub range – perfectly suitable for the critical audiophile listener. Bass quality—tempo, articulation, pitch definition—is first rate down into the infra-sonic’s. The VPI casts a shockingly large yet transparent soundstage. Sounds are precisely rendered and embodied. In matters of audible space, the Classic is exemplary. This deck is highly dynamic and rhythmic and even large voltage shifts are parlayed instantaneously.”
– 6Moons

The VPI Classic was originally made as a limited edition 30th anniversary table. However, it caught on so well that it found a permanent place in the VPI line. It went through an evolution over the years from style of the wood finish as well as the location of the motor. The Classic was Harry’s hat tip to the original HW-19. Originally when it was made the top steel was separated into two pieces with a strip of rubber in between. In time and after vibration tests it was discovered there was no sonic difference between the separate triangular shape over the motor and having one solid piece of steel stretching across the entire table.

The VPI “Classic Turntable” comes standard with the unipivot JMW-10.5i tonearm Special Edition in rigid mount mode. The “Classic Turntable” uses new VPI pure copper wire, a solid plinth with black oak or walnut finish (at no additional cost), a solid mounted AC synchronous motor, new cast aluminum platter, silent inverted bearing, and new isolation feet derived from the HR-X.

This completely new design has produced the simplest and one of the best sounding VPI tables to date.

Turntable Features:

  • Special Edition JMW-10.5i SE tonearm – By giving up “VTA on the fly” adjustments, you get most of the sound of the highly reviewed JMW-10.5i tonearm. A new less expensive base and mounting saves hundreds of dollars but gives up little in sound.

  • New investment cast aluminum high inertia platter with precision inverted bearing.

  • Speed stability on par with a master tape – Due to the rigid mounting of motor – platter – tonearm there isn’t any random motion to cause speed instabilities.

  • Noise rejection allowing the “Classic Turntable” to sit on a wood shelf near four 15″ sub-woofers and having virtually no feedback.

  • Lack of random motion between the motor – platter – tonearm gives the ultimate in low level resolution. Not only does this rigidity improve speed stability, it also allows the retrieval of low level information with the world’s great turntables and pushing against master tapes.

  • Absolutely solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece chassis holding all components. This is not a wooden frame; it is a solid laminated 2.5″ thick MDF block with 11 gauge steel attached to the top with silicone and long bolts through all the layers. The chassis weighs 30 pounds and is totally non-resonant.

  • Real black oak or walnut wood veneer finish.

  • RCA jack termination so you can use the interconnect of your choice.

  • Tonearm anti-skate – For those that require the fine adjustment of anti-skate, it is standard on the JMW-10.5i SE.

  • Optional lift off full dust-cover is available by third party companies.

  • Optional periphery ring clamp.

  • Optional ADS power supply.

The Tonearm

  • Pivot to spindle: 258mm

  • Effective length: 273.42mm

  • Overhang: 15.42mm

  • Offset angle: 19.98 degrees

  • Average RMS distortion: 0.311%

  • Armtube critically damped internally with 1.7 pound foam.

  • Premium Discovery wire used internally and in junction box, optional Nordost Valhalla wire.

  • High quality RCA outputs standard, XLR available as an option.

  • Unipivot design with zero friction and zero bearing chatter.

  • Dropped counterweight for tracking force and azimuth adjustment and low center of gravity

  • Height adjustable base for precise setting of VTA/SRA

  • Solid construction of the base assembly gurantees solid bass performance

  • Adjustable anti-skate controlling device


  • 20.75″ W x 15.75″ D x 10″ H (including tonearm wire loop).

  • Total Weight: 45 pounds

Available Upgrade:

  • VTA on the Fly arm base for precise height adjustment of cartridge.

  • Periphery Ring to flatten warps and add 7 pounds to platter.

  • HR-X Center Weight for ease of use and a perfect match for periphery ring.

  • HR-X Feet

  • 3D Printed tonearm for the ultimate in reproduced sound off a vinyl record!!!

  • Synchronous Drive System (SDS) – Lets the motor run silently with perfect speed and no micro changes in rotation caused by power line errors.

  • Classic Dustcover




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