Norman Audio

YBA – Simplement Music

The Spirit of YBA

To accurately reproduce music takes not only a high level of expertise, but a love of music and an understanding of how it is produced. It involves a need to be able to stir those emotions which music arouses in us all.
And so in addition to a passion for music, discipline, precision and patience are key elements in the philosophy which lies behind YBA’s products.

Musical Quality

Sobriety and simplicity are key to the excellence of YBA.
Our aim is to have the listener forget the electronics and enjoy nothing but the music. Every product we make is treated in the same way, from the least expensive through to our high end.
Numerous prestigious awards have been given to YBA over the years and in all cases the products receive high praise for their musicality. It is such a simple thing, but something that takes exceptional talent to achieve.


Owning a YBA ‘instrument’ is a long-term investment, both from an emotional standpoint and often times financial. The quality of its manufacture is guaranteed to maintain its value through the years. The limited number that can be found on the second hand market, coupled with the value put on those products, undeniably attests to that quality.


The shorter the signal, the better the sound. To be able to reduce the number of components and consequently invest in the highest quality of those used, is one of the great strengths of YBA.
Importantly, specific attention is therefore given to even the smallest details. To further ensure the result, every product is personally listened to before it is passed.


Another great strength of YBA lies in its planning for future products. It is hoped that once a YBA product has been purchased that it will remain with the user for many years. And so if any improvements are possible they are announced so an owner can choose to upgrade if desired.

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