Alpha DAC Series 2

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Price: Between S$7,000 to S$10,000 Product Highlights The Alpha DAC Series 2 employs new clocking and isolation technologies that provide enhanced imaging precision, timbrel purity and resolution. Unequaled interpolation technology up-samples 44.1kHz CD’s to provide almost 176.4kHz quality and  produces superb fidelity at all sampling rates from 32kHz to 192kHz IR remote control of all functions […]

Alpha DAC Reference

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The Alpha DAC Reference Series embodies everything we know about digital to analog conversion taken to an unprecedented level – a level that requires new design concepts and new components at the edge of what is possible. The result is an immediacy and presence of music reproduction that is simply real. We literally designed the […]

Alpha DAC Reference Series 3

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Price: Between S$30,000 to S$35,000 The Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 contains breakthrough technology that redefines the potential of digital audio quality. Experienced industry listeners who have heard the Alpha DAC Reference Series 3 are unanimous in their praise, saying that the Reference Series 3 clearly outperforms any other DAC they have heard, […]

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