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Taking high-end sound along with you Innovation, development and striving for perfection lie at the core of every challenge Crystal Cable takes on. Not only do we see challenges in the hifi products we create, but also in the market we create them for. This market is ever changing and with the insurgence of the […]

Double Duet

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Employing the same characteristics as Duet, Double Duet is multiplying the amount of conductors, resulting in more power, more definition and more detail in sound. Double Duet doubles the musical enjoyment, ensuring even more live-music experience with your portable equipment.

Dream Duet

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Introducing Crystal Cable’s monocrystal silver technology to the portable audio market, Dream Duet takes their portable line to a whole new level! With Crystal Cable’s latest conductors less really is more: less micro-distortion, less intrusive electrical effects, less mechanical interference – more music. This brand new high-end portable cable uses 18 hair-thin strands of unique, ultra-high purity monocrystal silver per conductor and perfectly […]

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