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The VCC-1 center speaker allows discerning music enthusiasts a path to a high-fidelity home theater system where all the speakers combine to create an expansive panorama of sound that enhances the emotional involvement and impact of the music video or movie experience. The VCC-1 is a two-way center-channel speaker built with a time- and phase-correct […]


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The Music Lover’s Center-Channel Speaker The music lover’s center speaker, the VCC-2 is an on-wall, three-way center speaker designed to be the perfect companion for home theater systems built around Vandersteen’s floorstanding three- and four-way speakers, including the Model 2Ce Signature II, Model 3A Signature, Treo (CT) and Quatro Wood CT. The presence of two […]


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Combining Science, Music and Home Theater the VCC- 5 Reference Center speaker sets new standards. The VCC-5 Reference Center was developed for use with Vandersteen’s Quatro Wood CT, Model 5A Carbon and Model Seven speakers in high-performance multi-channel systems. The VCC- 5 is a three-way design based on the VCC- 1, but with the addition […]

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