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Price: $2,900

ClearAudio Champion Level 1 with Unify Carbon Tonearm

Customer pre-owned set

Clearaudio Champion Level 1 turntable The Champion Level 1 is the first step up in the upgrade path from the Clearaudio Champion. As with the basic Champion this turntable makes use of the highest quality materials 

especially chosen for their audio performance. The superb design offers a clear upgrade path from this the Champion Level 1 through to the Champion Level 2. The Level 1 is a much massier design and includes an additional plinth to further improve resonance control and isolation. Built from the the very best GS-Acrylic in either clear or black (shown above) finishes, the whole platform is designed to reduce resonance to a minimum. The 30mm platter is of Silicon-Acrylic to match the properties of vinyl itself and sits on Clearaudio’s renowned inverted bearing assembly. The platter is driven by a seperate motor for ultimate isolation and the deck comes fitted with a Rega/Unify cut armoboard.


Construction : Geometrically resonance-optimized chassis, belt drive
33 1/3 rpm / 45 rpm
Motor drive: Separately housed synchronous motor in a massive stainless steel case
Drive unit: Stand-alone synchronous motor
Platter bearing:
Patented, inverted bearing with polished ball inside

Platter: Silicon acrylic, surface absolutely plain
Speed variation:
±0,1 %
Approx. 14 Kg, with motor
Approx. 470 mm x 390 mm x 180 mm