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Price: $2,300

Conrad Johnson MF-2300 Stereo Amplifier

Customer pre-owned set

A True Classic, the MF2300 is rated 240 watts per channel, however it’s most significant advantage is its ability to deliver one third more current into low impedance loads making it the ideal choice to drive a number of highly
Used Conrad Johnson MF-2300 - Norman Audio

regarded but difficult to drive loudspeakers. The MF2300 also uses all polystyrene capacitors in the audio circuit, machined gold-plated OFC input connectors, and premium quality machined output binding posts. 

Solid State in design, with circuits designed to mimic, to some extent, the sound that Conrad Johnson’s tube amps are known for.

This amplifier has an extremely round, full bass, great liquidity through the midrange, and silky highs…just like they said it would have.

The amp is rated for 240 Watts per channel into 8-Ohms and thrives on low impedance loads. Expect nearly 400 Watts per channel into 4-Ohms.

This amp has massive heatsinking for an amp of this power, ensuring that the transistors run cool, which means they will have a longer lifespan.


Power: 240 watts per channel RMS, both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20KHz at no more than 1% total harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion.
Sensitivity: 2.0 V to rated power.
Phase: Phase correct (non-inverting).
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz +0, -.25dB
Hum and noise: 98dB below full power output.
Input impedance: 100K ohms.
Dimensions: MF2300 16.875D x 19W x 6.75H inches 
Weight: MF2300 57 lbs.