Crystal Cable is a Multi Award winning High End Dutch Cable Manufacturer, well known for their unique advance cable technologies. They have said it before and they will doubtless have to say it again – Crystal Cable products don’t just look different, every single thing about them really is different. In a world of me-too products that are hard to tell apart, they do their own research, develop their own proprietary materials and create distinctive solutions that deliver genuinely ground-breaking performance. Whether it is the unique metallurgy, dielectric materials and minimalist topology of their cables, or the innovative, high-tech cabinet design and construction of their speakers, as clever as it is visually stunning, their products don’t look like the competition or sound like it either. That’s because they sound so much better: dramatically more musical, more natural and more communicative. When it comes to performance, they are always told that less is actually more. The Crystal Cable products prove just that.



Gabi Rijnveld travelled the world as a professional concert pianist. Letting an audience enjoy and be moved by live music has always been her passion. Now, managing a Hifi brand, that passion is still the same; bringing live music to people
Crystal Cable is all about developing highend products which enable people to experience listening to music as if they are attending a live concert. But these products are far from just technically superb; they look beautiful as well. Finding the perfect balance between musicality, technology, innovation and design defines our brand. 
Each Crystal Cable product fits in every living room, regardless of its interior design or acoustics. It’s this approach that makes Crystal Cable products unique in the high-end audio market: light, thin, flexible, beautifully designed – combined with the highest standards of sound-quality and engineering. After all, for recorded music to come alive, the products reproducing this have to be the same as the music itself: beautiful, meaningful and emotional.

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