Just in from VPI – VPI Prime – The Affordable Super Table

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VPI-PrimeWe just received VPI Prime from VPI, manufacturer of some of the finest turntables in the world.

The past 3 years VPI has been focusing mainly on new/entry level audiophiles and getting them to embrace vinyl for the first time. With the Prime, they wanted to get back to our roots and focus on the existing audience with a table that offers quality hi-end sound while taking advantage of our improvements in technology. Also, it was important to show the industry that they will still be making new turntable and designs whether Harry is in the factory or poolside! The Prime is Mat Weisfeld’s first solo design on a table with Harry’s approval as well as input from the rest of the VPI staff. The shape of the Prime is meant to have a curvier and sexy look compared to the “classic” look of our tables over the past 10 years. At same time having the footprint to accommodate the space needed for a 10 inch 3D arm. They were able to get the price lower for the 3D arm because of our improved technology and increased volume in printing and supply.

“By getting out of the way entirely, the VPI Prime simply let the cartridge do its intended job. Most other turntables make this music ‘fall’ out of the speakers, but with the VPI it just sang!”

– Alan Sircom Hi Fi+

Please call us for an appointment to audition this masterpiece yourself.

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