Just In – The Prestigious Siltech Triple Crown series

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Siltech’s prestigious Triple Crown cables were officially introduced at the Audio Visual Show in Hong Kong 2015.

Siltech Triple Crown – Creating Cable Royalty

Siltech’s mono-crystal silver conductors already deliver the highest resolution, lowest loss audio signal path. But alongside new levels of musicalnuance, detail and definition, their astonishing accuracy also reveals the shortcomings in other aspects of cable construction, residual levels of micro-distortion and other error mechanisms that have been masked until now. Using the latest advances in audio measurement techniques, it became clear that to eliminate all distortion and minimize all induced errors would require the mechanical and electrical optimization of the signal transmission path as a whole, including not just the cable but the connectors as well. It would require a completely new construction, new levels of geometrical and conductive consistency. It would demand a complete rethink…


The result is Triple Crown – a cable with a revolutionary new construction and revolutionary new connectors that revolutionizes the musical accuracy of audio cables. 

They are now available at Norman Audio.

Please call us for an appointment to audition this masterpiece yourself.

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