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“… KX-R Twenty and MX-R Twenty are very quite, with very good control and endless supply of power. The strong power reserve is equally beneficial to both delicate and vigorous passages. The good performance has been raised to a new high level. I am definitely a proud owner of Ayre products!”― Thomas Leung (Audio Technique)

"It seems absurd to call this'a bargain', but in some systems, it may even be preferable to the monos. combine sublime sound, a sense of unlimited power on tap and looks that beggar the term 'heart- stopping', and you have the most exciting and desirable solid-state amplifier on the Planet." — Ken Kessler (Hi-Fi News)

"...It makes it listenable because it doesn't unnaturally over-emphasize anything. This naturalness is the case with a rare breed of digital in my experience and the Ayre QX-5 Twenty joins that list with ease. Of course, it does fine with fine-sounding recordings, too." — Michael Lavorgna (Audio Stream)