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Kimber Kable KS 3035 Speaker Cable (Pre-owned)

Type: speaker cable
Length: 8ft
Price: $4,600

This model features both Hyper-pure copper and silver conductors used in a 2:1 symmetric relationship. The Kimber Kable KS 3035 possesses an incredibly refined

sense of tonality. Instruments and voices are presented with proper weight and body. Textures are organic in their realism. Amazing retrieval of ambient cues give a realistic feeling of the air and space that surrounds instruments.

“… As had occurred in the earlier listening sessions, the hybrid KS 3035 speaker cables eliminated my slight reservations about the all-copper KS cables. Gone was the added bass fullness, replaced by a
tighter, more solid, and more detailed bottom end. The all-important midrange remained outstanding, with just a bit more detail. The top end had a more natural prominence, and did not seem to be rolled off. The bite of a trumpet’s leading edge returned, as did the snap and shimmer of percussion instruments. I spent a great deal of time listening, listening, and listening even more with the KS 3035s in my system, and the longer I listened, the more apparent it became that I was not going to be able to discover any frequency problems or other failings. I am compelled to give the hybrid KS 3035 loudspeaker cables an extremely strong recommendation. For most 4/5 listeners and systems, they may simply be unbeatable. This tried-and-true product also sells for a relatively modest price in this world of ever-escalating costs. — Karl Lozier, Positive Feedback, 2005.

“The KS 3035 cables clearly presented the music with more air, a fully holographic soundstage, and a sense of timbral accuracy that was uncanny.” — Andrew Marshall – Audio Ideas Guide – Vol. 18 No. 4


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