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VPI Classic 4 Turntable with JMW 12″ 3D tonearm (Pre-owned)

Customer pre-owned set.
Price: $6,800 (without cartridge)
High Gloss Rosewood finish

Groundbreaking Mono and Stereo Marvel: U.S.A.-Made VPI Classic 4 Turntable Features Large Chassis, 12-Inch JMW 12.7 Tonearm, and Generous Flexibility and Customizability

Instantly switch between stereo and mono cartridges without having to change either one with the groundbreaking dual-armed VPI Classic 4 turntable. Or, switch from a warmer, richer sound to a more precision-based, detailed cartridge design by merely lifting one tonearm up and putting the other down on a record. Originally designed for VPI’s personal use, Classic 4 turntable was never intended for production. Yet, after consumers saw this massive reference ‘table at an audio show, demand for the king of the Classics changed VPI’s minds. A wider body helps accommodate the two-arm design, whose build is otherwise identical to that of Classic 3. The main supplied arm is the 12-inch VPI JMW 12.7 tonearm, yet Classic 4 can be upgraded to include VPI’s outstanding 3D Printed Tonearm. Indeed, the great thing about the overbuilt Classic 4 is how much customizability it offers. 

Originally Designed for VPI Co-Founder’s Personal Use
VPI chief designer and co-founder Harry Weisfeld didn’t design Classic 4 to be made available to the public. He actually created it for his own personal use so he could listen to a 12-inch tonearm on a Classic table (Classic 1, 2, and 3 ‘tables do not have the space to properly mount a 12-inch arm.) Yet after drawing such attention, interest, and acclaim at the 2012 New York Audio Show, Classic 4 became a production staple.
Like VPI Classic 3, But Different…And Better
Featuring the identical build as the Classic 3 turntable but with a larger chassis, Classic 4 accommodates a 12-inch tonearm to yield more stability, lower tracking distortion, and additional low-level resolution from records. Classic 4’s additional size also gives listeners a chance to mount a second 10- or 12- inch tone arm in the rear. Now, why would anyone want two arms on a turntable? Simple: It lets you have both a stereo and mono cartridge set up at the same time.
Massive, Well-Damped Foundation and Customizability
Classic 4 features a ½”-thick machined aluminum plinth bonded to a 1/8″ steel sub plate with dampening fabric in between. The plinth is then bonded to 2″ of MDF, creating a massive, well-damped foundation that virtually eliminates resonance. Classic 4 can use either an extended Classic Signature arm or extended Classic 3D arm.


Length: 23.5″
Width: 17″
Footprint: 22″ x 16″
Height: 11.5″ including Wire loop
Weight: Shipped 112Lbs, two boxes
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