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Kimber Kable 8PR

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Kimber Kable 8PR – The reference for affordable loudspeakers.


“The Kimber 4PR and 8PR, although pricey, probably offers some of the highest quality-to-value ratios I’ve seen in exotic cables.”

“Overall I am a big fan of the Kimber 8PR speaker cables and I plan on utilizing my review samples in my reference system quite heavily not just because they perform well, but also because the package as a whole is of excellent quality and design.”

“It’s refreshing to find an exotic cable vendor that discloses all performance metrics of their products, doesn’t wrap them in snake oil and delivers a reference level performing product that scores high in pride of ownership. Highly recommended!” — Gene DellaSala,, May 2009

“We found this Kimber cable the most involving, enjoyable, and musical here,” ; “Combining good tonality, detail and long-term listenability at this price is a smart trick that’s not to be missed.” — Techradar, September 2007

Kimber 8PR – The reference for affordable loudspeakers. 4PR was the first speaker cable Kimber designed. Developed way back in 1979, little has changed until Kimber decided to double the number of wires to create a more substantial cable and sound.

 8PR is essentially 4PR on steroids! Available with pre-cut and stripped ends, Kimber 4mm Banana plugs or UltraPlate™ PostMaster™ spade connectors.

Kimber Kable 8PR Features - Norman Audio


  • High current braided loudspeaker cable
  • 16 stranded of 19.5 AWG OFC (oxygen free copper) copper.
  • Aggregate combination of 8, 19.5AWG strands=10AWG per +/- leg.
  • Polyethylene dielectric. Black/Brown
  • LOW series induction design: 0.14 uH / meter
  • Basic Electrical Measurements
    • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 267 pF / meter
    • (Ls) series inductance: 0.14 uH / meter
    • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.008 Ohm / meter

Kimber Kable 8PR Speaker Cable - Norman Audio



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