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Kimber Kable 8TC


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Kimber Kable 8TC is available with Kimber 4mm Banana plugs or Kimber PM33 (8mm) spade connectors in 8ft or 10ft length.


“This is a very natural and clean sounding cable and one which brings a sense of warmth that is all too often missing. Fortunately this doesn’t mean it lacks definition… Bass is weighty and full and again well timed and the midrange is where the spriteliness comes from. Great performance for the money”. — Jason Kennedy, AV Review, 28th March 2006

Doubling the number of conductors of 4TC, 8TC is a natural upgrade for your loudspeakers and represents excellent value. 8TC is available with Kimber 4mm Banana plugs or Kimber PM33 (8mm) spade connectors.


16 strands of 19.5 AWG OFE (oxygen free electrolytic) copper with industry leading conductivity. (102% IACS).

Aggregate combination of 8, 19.5AWG strands=9AWG per +/- leg.

Teflon insulation. White/Clear

LOW series induction design: 0.09 uH / meter


  • Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric
  • 16 wire counter opposed helix
  • VariStrand copper conductors
  • Nitrogen assisted hand soldered termination

Kimber Kable 8TC - Norman Audio


  • 16 Hyper-pure copper conductors
  • Fluorocarbon insulation
  • KIMBER Bananas or UltraPlate™ Spades

  • (Ls) series inductance: 0.09 uH / meter
  • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.008 Ohm / meter
  • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 346 pF / meter



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