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Kimber Kable KS 6063

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The Kimber Kable KS 6063 terminated with WBT-0681 Cu spade connectors.


“A painstaking precision product for an exacting application.” 

Incorporating both VariStrand and solid core copper conductors, the Kimber KS 6063 was engineered to extract all the performance copper has to offer. The all copper design results in a rich, dynamically robust presentation while producing naturally layered lifelike soundscapes.

The Select family of speaker cables have three variations of conductor type, using either pure copper – the KS-6063, a mix of pure copper and pure silver conductors as seen in the KS-6065 and all-silver conductors seen in the flagship KS-6068 speaker cables.

The top-of-the range Kimber Select series of cables enhance the spaced-and-damped construction of the Monocle and Carbon 18XL cables, producing an even more effective, complex weave.

Starting with metals electrolytically refined to a purity of 99.995%, the near absence of oxygen results in optimum conductivity and material integrity in respect to oxidation and degradation.

Inside the Kimber KS 6063

In addition to the highly refined, pure materials, KS-6063 uses a mix of solid core and VariStrand stranded conductors for the ultimate ‘reference’ performance.

For the KS 6063 twelve, 24 AWG solid core OFE copper conductors (KS 6065 uses 8 copper and 4 silver conductors; KS 6068 uses 12 silver conductors) are first braided around a geometry stabilizing core

Kimber Kable KS 6063 Speaker Cable - Norman Audio

The core functions to dampen vibrations. The 24 AWG solid core layer is further stabilized and protected by a layer of woven yarn. The final layer is composed of 12, 19AWG treated VariStrand. This layer is also carefully woven with fabric yarn to provide mechanical stability and mitigation of vibrations.


  • OFE copper
  • Electrolytically refined to a purity of 99.995%
  • Fluorocarbon, titanium dioxide & polyethylene insulation
  • 36 VariStrand™ conductors
  • 31mm diameter
  • X38R core compound
  • WBT Terminations
  • Handcrafted in Ogden, Utah
Kimber Kable KS 6063 Speaker Cable - Norman Audio



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