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Kimber Kable PK14 Base

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“These Kimber power cords are very very good. If you can stretch the budget I’d urge you to jump straight to the PK-10 Gold. However, the PK-14 could serve as an excellent stepping stone as you move up from stock power cord.”— Hi-Fi Unlimited, November 2010

PK14 brings Kimber’s trademark clarity and power to your AC cords. Wattgate power connectors and Kimber’s specially optimized copper create a rich-sounding, flexible cable. Ideally suited to source gear, preamps, and smaller power amplifiers, PK14 offers performance far above its price point.

Power cords are the foundation of overall system performance. PK14’s 14 AWG / 2.08mm2 pure copper conductors are rated to exceed the typical 15amp outlet rating. Current delivery is only part of the equation. Kimber also utilize neutral colored, virgin dielectric materials to ensure and maintain conductor purity. Great materials coupled with Wattgate evolution series connectors combine to deliver a more robust and more reliable power cord to serve all your sources and amplifiers up to 200 watts. Reccomended for systems connected to 15Amp circuits – the most common in homes.

The 14-gauge, high-current PK 14 PowerKord from Kimber Kable features two sets of conductors braided in counter-rotating geometry, which effectively cancel noise-producing magnetic fields. PK 14 delivers the power and leaves the magnetic field back at the wall. It also eliminates induced current flow in the ground lead, lowering overall system noise.

The PowerKord’s exclusive braided design provides superb radio frequency interference (RFI) rejection. A special conductor dielectric is devoid of performance robbing color doping, permitting an uninhibited flow of current and voltage. The Kimber PK14 Base is terminated with the Wattgate 320 Economy IEC and Marinco US wall plug

Kimber Kable PK14 Base Power Cable - Norman Audio
Kimber Kable PK14 Base Power Cable - Norman Audio

There isn’t anything basic here. Think more like BASE Camp on a good performance climb. Designed to be a quiet cable while boosting performance of your audio and video equipment. 


  • Specially optimized copper
  • Chroma free conductor dielectric
  • Wattgate Economy connectors



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