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Building on the quality and reputation of 4TC and 8TC, this latest addition to our range sees Kimber introduce 12TC with its 24 individual VariStrand™ conductors. It’s like 8TC on steroids! Everything we like about 8TC is lifted up another level – we found it a significant upgrade, especially in terms of musical involvement and an overall lift in performance right across the frequency range.

12TCnotsocloseup45012TC utilises 24 Hyper-pure copper VariStrand™ conductors


What about Crystal-24 speaker cable?

Our popular and impressive Russ Andrews Crystal-24 speaker cable is now replaced by Kimber 12TC – it’s the same copper purity and stranding as Crystal-24, and the same number of conductors and weave but now features the same colours of insulation as 4TC and 8TC: clear and white.

12TCbiwirehighlight2Thinking of Bi-wiring?

12TC is also available in a Bi-wire configuration. The conductors are terminated with 2 ends at the amplifier and then split out to four ends for the loudspeaker (per channel). These four ends are configured with 8 conductors to the high frequencies and 16 to the low, ensuring the best balance for your speakers.

Alternatively, you can use a single run of 12TC and add 8TC Jumper cables to connect to the upper binding posts. In fact, we think this combination sounds even better because you are gaining the benefit of all 24 conductors on the lower end and 16, rather than 8, to the upper! 


  •  24 VariStrand™ conductors
  • Hyper-pure copper
  • Clear/White fluorocarbon dielectric

Available with either Kimber 4mm Bananas or Kimber PostMaster 6 or 8mm spades.

If you don’t see the combination of terminations that you require, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.