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MartinLogan – Truth in Sound

MartinLogan, one of the most respected names in audio, is located in Lawrence, Kansas, where 70 employees handcraft the company’s ultimate loudspeaker products. The speaker systems, incorporating their patented CLS (Curvilinear Line Source) high-resolution electrostatic technology and ATF (Advanced Thin Film) transducers.

Uncompromising performance. Unflinching accuracy. Unwavering reliability. Harnessing the myriad technical advantages of electrostatic principles to recreate sound in its truest form—this is what MartinLogan is all about.

Truth in Sound is much more than a catch phrase, it’s their philosophy: MartinLogan speakers are designed to render the most complex musical passages as faithfully as a prism disperses the color spectrum.

Early in their history, Inc. magazine recognized them as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. Soon after, they released the world’s first electrostatic center and on-wall surround speakers, establishing the company as a major player in the emerging home theater market. Today, MartinLogan is a premier brand on the international stage. They are a loudspeaker technology company producing electrostatic designs, non-electrostatic designs, personal audio, and architectural speakers for inside walls and ceilings. They also provide all-weather speakers, bringing MartinLogan sound outside, pool-side, or in the yard while relaxing or entertaining family and friends.

Take a moment, sit down, listen to a MartinLogan speaker, and forever change the way you listen. Truth in sound will do that.

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