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"... There’s no denying that the KX-R Twenty/VX-R Twenty combo’s price puts it into dreamland territory for most, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated for its extraordinary abilities. If you have the bank balance and an appropriate system, we can’t recommend this pre/power too highly." — What Hi-Fi?

"... As I had hoped, PrimaLuna's new EVO 400 was more concise-sounding than the ProLogue Premium preamp. It generated clearer, more muscular presentations, with sharper focus, and more distinctly punctuated momentums." — Herb Reichert (Stereophile)

“…D’Agostino Momentum HD is a true crèmede-la-crème component, rich with that quality which defines cost-no-object designs: a sense of no limitations, characterised by no compromises, no intrusions. It will challenge everything you own, as it demands sources and speakers in the same league. It is unabashedly magnificent.” — Ken Kessler (Hi-Fi News)

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