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Musical Surroundings – California-based distributor and manufacturer of high-performance analog and vinyl playback equipment

An international company with offices in the USA and Europe, Musical Surroundings is a manufacturer and distributor of analog high-end audio products including turntables, phono preamplifiers, tonearms, and Benz-Micro of Switzerland phonograph cartridges. One of the signature brands carried by Musical Surroundings is Clearaudio, a manufacturer of high-end audio products based in Germany.

Since 1991, Oakland, California based Musical Surroundings has specialized in the distribution and manufacture of high-end home audio equipment including turntables, tonearms, phono cartridges, preamps, digital and analog accessories and tube electronics for the high performance audio market.

Musical Surroundings is a producer of analogue high-end audio products, built in California – offering uncompromising performance for the price and built to exact specifications.

As one of the preeminent analog distributors (Graham, Clearaudio, Benz, and others) they know high performance audio. Together with designer Michael Yee, they have used this knowledge to develop their own line of high performance phono stages, now also including a high performance DAC. Offering flexibility along with exceptional musicality.

Their products are highly regarded for the quality of their finish, but it is in sound reproduction which they excel.

Phono Stages are among some of the best available, and are true reference quality products.

The Musical Surroundings brand features a line of award-winning phono preamplifiers, and A to D converters.

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