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Wattgate – AC power for sound without compromise

If you have a premium audio/video setup, you need to use proper power connectors that ensure your system achieves its full potential. Their dedicated engineering and advanced manufacturing processes produce fully optimized power terminations. Upgrade your original cables by utilizing their cryogenically-treated Edison AC power connectors and IEC power connectors.

Wattgate products were born out of a desire to have AC power connectors of uncompromised quality. Realizing that high quality audio and video electronics enjoy noticeable advantages when fed proper AC power let them to create their Audio Grade products. The innovative designs, use of the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes have resulted in a system of power connectors in a class of their own. Wattgate’s Audio Grade connectors were a much needed industry first and continue to be the definitive choice of audio and video enthusiasts.

The performance of Wattgate Audio Grade products relies on fundamental yet superior concepts of engineering. Highly conductive elements (silver, gold and copper) incorporated into high-pressure, large surface area contacts reduces overall resistance which fulfils the goal of improved conductivity. In addition, by implementing new stainless hardware into all of their designs, Wattgate have enhanced performance through greater integrity and durability of the connection.

Wattgate products have long set the standard for high performance power cord connectors and AC power outlets. Their products have always been designed with dedicated engineering to create a line of accessories optimized for the audio/video industry, with the express intent of improving audio/video performance. This approach is led to the use of specialized conductor plating techniques and the use of their deep cryogenic treatment, among other aspects of design that allow for an easily discernible improvement with audio/video gear. These advances go far beyond heavy contacts with a firm grip as found in common hospital grade outlets and connectors.

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