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If there’s anyone in high-end audio who’s known for his skill at harnessing raw electricity and bending it to his will, it’s Dan D’Agostino. The equipment designer made his name a few decades ago with Krell amplifiers. That company’s early pure Class A models attracted both awe and admiration not only for their musicality, but […]

Ayre Acoustics introduces the QX-5 Twenty digital hub

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News release from Ayre Acoustics Ayre Acoustics, Inc. introduces the QX-5 Twenty : digital hub. Boulder, Colorado, USA – 27 April 2016 – Ayre’s latest entry in the world of digital audio combines a decades-long record of ground-breaking innovation in both digital and analog audio with revolutionary features to set a new benchmark in the […]

Review Dan D’ Agostino Master Power Classic Stereo by Bob Grossman

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Dan’s designs are considered worldwide as The Best Of The Best! For AV Showrooms Mr Bob Grossman of The Philadelphia Orchestra has reviewed the NEW D’Agostino Amplifier. Before reviewing the Dan D’Agostino Poweramplifier he spoke to several “GURU’S” in the audio business. One of them being Kevin Deal from Upscale Audio & PrimaLuna USA, also […]

New from MartinLogan – EM ESL X

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BIGGER. BOLDER. INTRODUCING ELECTROMOTION ESL X MartinLogan’s new EM-ESL X features a curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer with a radiating area over 50 square inches larger than the EM-ESL. This new, larger stat panel results in a richly detailed sonic presentation and a more expansive soundstage. EM-ESL X’s new dual woofer design features two 8-inch high-excursion, audiophile-grade, doped-fiber cone […]

Dan D’Agostino launched Progression Mono Amplifier at CES 2016

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Dan D’Agostino Master audio systems has been on quite a roll ever since launching its top-tier range of Momentum-series amplification components. However, recognising that not all enthusiasts can afford Momentum grade components, D’Agostino took the opportunity at CES to at once expand his Momementum range (via a new Momentum-series phono stage), while at the same […]

Wolfgang Meletzky (founder of MBL) introduced Stromtank at CES 2016

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The Stromtank is an independent power source, which offers the unique possibility to separate the hifi-system completely from the grid. It is a high-power battery pack with integrated pure-sign wave converter power supply – totally disconnects the audio system from the grid. With the Stromtank, it can power up to 8 hours of music listening, […]

MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15a

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Introducing the MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A – a masterpiece of design & engineering! Taking three decades of audio design and engineering innovation distilled into a startling fresh loudspeaker ideal. 15″ x 46″ panel, two 12″ non-resonance asymmetrical woofers powered by two 500W amplifiers and even Anthem Room Correction. Renaissance ESL 15A represents a major evolution […]

MartinLogan Stealth Series Vanquish and Axis Speakers Reviewed

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Who said in-wall and in-ceiling speakers aren’t good enough for a home theater? Home Theater Review certainly thinks they are in their latest review of the MartinLogan Stealth Series! “The MartinLogan Stealth line of architectural speakers impressed me. Their build and component quality is significantly high. It is obvious that much thought went into the […]

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