Da Vinci

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The DA VINCI loudspeaker represents a new benchmark for EMMESpeakers, with the ambition to create an innovative acoustic topology enclosed in a revolutionary shape, guided by their usual and brazen determination to explore new technical routes matched with leading edge concepts of design.

The project requirements were:

  1. Full range compact bookshelf loudspeaker
  2. High power handling
  3. Sealed box
  4. BSSE System (Box Shape for sound enhancement) by EMMESpeakers
  5. High end sound reproduction

Those base requirements brought EMMESpeakers to design a new concept of a threeway layout, in which the Woofer has been positioned on the rear baffle.

The achieved solution offers two substantial advantages:

  • Shift the traditional vertical development to one in depth
  • Keep the acoustic center in a restrained vertical area, all over the frequency range

The acoustic center moves only of 120 millimeters, between the Midwoofer and Tweeter, just like a Two-way system but the DA VINCI is a Three-way. That means at the listening distance of 2.5 metres, the acoustic centre moves less than 3° degrees, very close to a point source, with huge advantages in terms of soundstage wideness, stability and focalization. An incredible result for a Three-way loudspeaker.

Technical data

Layout 3 way with 3 drivers in sealed box
Treble Unit 1,2-30mm Accuton Cell Ceramic Driver
Mid-Bass Unit 5”-124mm Accuton Cell Ceramic Driver
Bass Unit 10”-290 mm SB Acoustic Aluminum Driver
Power handling 200 watts
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohm
Sensitivity 84 db
Frequency response 30-40k Hz
Dimensions (hwd) 420×307,5x 300mm
Net weight each 18,6 kg

Full technical overview